Careers Support

Students take part in a thorough programme of support and guidance to help them plan their progression beyond ֱ˫'s.

Careers Programme

The College’s careers programme is delivers a specialist careers and progression advice and consultation for all students.

Throughout Year 12 and Year 13, the college arranges a number of career and progression events providing students with a variety of opportunities to help them make informed decisions about their path forward beyond ֱ˫’s. These include:

  • Career and subject specific employer talks
  • Work experience sourcing and advice
  • Opportunities to meet with the college’s Careers Advisor
  • Progression and careers advice from specialist external careers experts
  • College visits and trips
  • Interview preparation and guidance
  • General career advice, planning and support from specialist pastoral tutors
  • Co-curriculum opportunities to broaden and enrich students’ experiences
  • A range of volunteering opportunities
  • A personal tutorial programme designed to promote successful progression
  • Advice and access to providers of higher and degree level apprenticeships and technical training routes

All students enrolled in Year 12 are on two year courses, and as such are supported to undertake work experience or volunteering, in particular during vacation(s) in Year 12, as well as participating in the College’s co-curriculum programme.

In addition to general careers and progression advice, the College has a significant programme to support progression to higher education, including:

  • A large scale annual University Fair held at College
  • Apprenticeship and Employers Fair in National Apprenticeship Week
  • Access to the Careers Hub throughout the College day
  • A dedicated support programme named ‘Aspiring Apprentices Programme’ for year 13 students who are pursuing higher and degree level apprenticeships across a wide range of sectors
  • University liaison officer support for Year 13 higher education applicants
  • A dedicated Higher Education Information Evening for parents
  • Specialist advice and support throughout Year 13 via specialist pastoral tutors
  • Support from highly qualified teaching staff
  • A dedicated support programme for the specialist fields of Medicine, Veterinary Science and Dentistry and Oxbridge applications
  • Opportunities to visit universities

Each student throughout the two year programme is supported by their progress mentor in terms of career planning, and preparing for either post 18 employment or training or for a higher education course. Students meet weekly their progress mentor, and as part of the pastoral programme, will be supported and advised to ensure a secure destination is achieved.

All students in Year 12 and 13 can make an appointment with the College’s Careers Manager, Danielle Oultram.

The College’s policy statement of Provider Access can be viewed here: Application for Provider Access

For further information about the College’s Careers Strategy please contact:

Stephanie Dean, Assistant Principal

Danielle Oultram, Careers Manager


For news and information about upcoming events and support available to you child, please download our bulletin and careers calendar below.

Careers Calendar 23.24


Working with us

At the college we regularly engage with a wide host of businesses and universities through events such as the Higher Education Day, mock interviews, workshops, online seminars and as guest speakers. We welcome any opportunity to work with employers and institutions. If you would like to work with us and link with the College as part of the career programme please contact our Careers Lead, Stephanie Dean via email at


Useful Resources for Students


Start profile is an excellent careers platform used by our students to monitor the progress and engagement with careers education in order to fine tune their career choice based on their likes and interests. The website also provides information on the current labour market and job demographics.


UCAS supports young people making post-16 choices, as well as those applying for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. It also allows students to take various careers quizzes to allow them to fine-tune their options.

For current apprenticeship vacancies and information, visit the UK government website.

An informative careers website for students, parents and teachers. With advice on career options after A Level, helping make the right University choices, information on school leavers schemes and higher apprenticeships.

For a library of videos on a wide range of careers from accountancy to animal care, visit icloud.

For information, advice and guidance to help you make decisions on learning, training and work.


Labour Market Information

Receiving good labour market information (LMI) helps students to make informed decisions about their future.

LMI can help people identify the skills they might require in the future. Even within familiar occupations, job tasks and job titles change and develop as products and technology change and develop. People need to be aware of how easy or hard it will be to get into their chosen career. They also benefit from accurate LMI about pay levels, job security and local prospects which they need to consider if they are to make realistic and informed career decisions. LMI can help people broaden their aspirations to include similar occupational areas in the event that their first choice not possible or not available in their area.

Students can access current Labour Market Information via their Unifrog account.